Miller Animal Hospital

380 North Greenbush Road
Troy, NY 12180


We are pleased to announce that The Miller Animal Hospital 

is accepting New Clients!


   Mosquitoes and Ticks are ACTIVE!

                Protect your pets by keeping them up to date with heartworm        

                                   and flea and tick prevention products.

            Click HERE for a full list of Products we carry and Rebates available.


April is Heartworm Prevention Month

Heartworm is a disease that is hard to treat, but easy to defend against.  

If your pet has not had a Heartworm/Lyme test in over a year, 

you will need to have one done before we can prescribe heartworm meds.  

If you have not kept up on Heartworm medications during the winter, 

but have had a Heartworm test within the last 12 months, it is a good idea

to have another Heartworm test before restarting preventative meds.


If you are in doubt, please ask one of our doctors.


Due to rising costs from the pet food manufacturers, we have had

to increase the cost of the prescription foods we carry.

These include Hills, Royal Canin and Purina.


Let us know if you change your address or phone number.

     Send your updated information by clicking HERE


For Current PURINA Prescription Food Discount Coupons,

 Click HERE 

VetSource is an easy way to get your pet's medications, prescriptions

and food delivered directly to your DOOR.

VetSource is currently offering a 15% discount if you

sign up for auto shipment of Hills Prescription Food Products.


We continue to update the clinic to best meet the needs
of our clients and patients.
Some of the latest updates include:

Companion Laser Therapy Unit - Laser therapy can be used for many conditions in your pet, including arthritis and inflammation.  It helps speed up healing post surgery, as well as a whole list of other conditions. Ask us about it today or click HERE to learn more.

Digital Radiographs - To best serve our clients we have switched to digital radiographs. We can now email your radiographs to specialists for consultations. It makes for faster answers for your pets and less hassle of having to worry about picking up or mailing radiographs.

Dental Radiographs - We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new dental radiograph machine, which allows us to check the internal anatomy of the teeth, roots, and bone of our patients while they are undergoing dental procedures.